the Halifax, retiring with 30 sorties marked on the nose Avro Lancaster Vickers Wellington


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Franks Eulogy Card


I Am

A poem by Josh Silvestre

I am a heavy bomber air gun pilot
I wonder if I will ever see my wife and family again
I hear the sounds of bullets hitting my plane
I see shots being fired at my comrades
I want to go home and all this to end
I am a heavy bomber air gun pilot

I pretend I am doing a good thing but I am killing men
I feel the plane going through turbulence
I touch the gun trigger and shoot at men below
I worry something is going to bring my plane down
I cry for world peace
I am a heavy bomber air gun pilot

I understand the reason why I have to kill
I say I am going to live through this and go home
I dream of seeing my wife again
I try to stop shaking so i can aim
I hope that if I die, my family will not forget me
I am a heavy bomber air gun pilot


Air Force Magazine

Kathi Gingrich, daughter of Frank Miseferi, submitted an article to the
Air Force Magazine, titled:

My Father, My Hero

The story outlines part of Frank's Air Force career. Frank flew 12 sorties
in a Halifax bomber and the magazine has inserted a great photo of that plane.

It tells about one of his many sorties in the Avro Lancaster heavy bomber
and includes some pictures from I Never Forget.

This is the "Summer of 2007" issue of the Air Force Magazine that was on
display until September 30, 2007.

  Franks Obituary - Air Force Magazine - Feb 2008

This obituary will be seen in the February 2008 issue of the Air Force Magazine.