the Halifax, retiring with 30 sorties marked on the nose Avro Lancaster Vickers Wellington


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Pictures of the presentation at St. Vincent de Paul School


Thank youto John Klein, Principal of St. Vincent de Paul School for the invitation and giving me the opportunity to share my experiences of WWII, to the student assembly.

Thank youto the Student Assembly, for their warm welcome, their inquisitive minds and their curious questions.   It is true, pictures are worth a thousand words. The students, truly made me feel proud to provide my war experiences for their future learning resource.

Thank youto Paul Texeira, friend, for his assistance in making it possible for me to address the student assembly at St. Vincent de Paul and to have a longtime dream of mine come true. 

Thank youto Doris Cobb, a long time loving family friend and spokesperson; for her public relations expertise and assistance.

Thank youto Jim Magennis, a personal friend, for his compassion in capturing memories through these photos of this dream come true event.

Thank youto my daughters Kathi and Linda and their families, for their belief in me, their support, and their efforts to see me succeed.

A Special Thank youto my wife Rose, for her continuous love and strength and staying beside me all the way.