the Halifax, retiring with 30 sorties marked on the nose Avro Lancaster Vickers Wellington


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The Crew The Author In Memorium Events


Murray Nice

Mo, 23 years old

Wireless Operator from Windsor , Ontario , Canada

Max Calhoun

Max, 22 years old

Bomb aimer from Quebec , Canada

Fergie (no one knew his real name)

Fergie, 18 years old

Tail Gunner from Saskatchewan , Canada

Erik Jolly

Erik, 20 years old

Engineer from England

Charlie Fisher

Chuck (Skipper), 19 years old

Pilot from western Canada

A.B. Johnson

ABJ, 23 years old

Navigator from Toronto , Ontario , Canada

Frank Miseferi

Effie, 21 years old

Mid-upper Gunner from Galt , Ontario , Canada

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